Hey Babies, Don't forget to follow our instagram and like our facebook. Click the Apps at the bottom of the footer.
Hey Babies, Don't forget to follow our instagram and like our facebook. Click the Apps at the bottom of the footer.
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 Isje’Ane Hackett is a young entrepreneur born in California and raised in Las Vegas. She’s been working since she was 16 but she always knew working a 9-5 would never be her ideal life. So while she was in school she decided to start her business. It was a frustrating and self doubting start because of others around her. Isje’Ane has always loved all things beauty, self-care, and inspiring others in any way she can. She wants to provide quality luxury items to enhance confidence because that is something she struggled with growing up. As she grows older she understands the importance of putting her mental health first and always becoming a better version of herself every day.. Nothing came easy to her in life, including the launch of her business which caused her launch date to be pushed back multiple times. Many obstacles came her way but Isje’Ane always made sure to remember why she started in the first place. She makes it her goal to pay close attention to detail, brand awareness, great quality products, and always have a message along with intention behind everything she does including her brand

Despite doubt she decided to go on with her business. Understanding that businesses have trials and tribulations she took a break to get everything she wanted to sell together. She needed to get good brand ambassadors and sit back and research the products she really wanted to sell together. Once she figured that out , she decided to become the one stop shop for all of your beauty needs. Whether you're one of the girls, gurlz, them’s/theys, and non binaries we welcome and appreciate all of you! 


This brand was originally created to sell only luxury mink eyelashes and lip gloss but has grown into much more. We could be considered a one stop shop because of the products we offer. On this website you will find amazing lashes ranging from a simple, natural, and easy to apply look, to bold and dramatic lashes for our sassy girls! You will also find other amazing products like our furry, bling, plaid, and many other styles of headbands. We have regular and oversized scrunchies. There is something for everybody here on The Bryxx Collection We want everybody to feel self-confident! All it takes is the right set of lashes, gloss, and accessories.